Who We Are

Citizens for a Sustainable Future is a Tallahassee-based organization that raises awareness within African American communities about cultural, economic  and environmental sustainability and serves as a conduit for further civic action and education. CSF promotes 8 sustainable living practices to create more resilient and sustainable Black communities through local workshops and collaboration with other local, regional, and national organizations:

  1. Growing Your Own Food
  2. Healthy Eating
  3. Water Filtration and Conservation
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Reusing and Recycling
  6. Collective Civic Engagement
  7. Cooperative Economics
  8. Breastfeeding/Breastfeeding Support
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Improving Black America to Make a Better World

The staff of Citizens for a Sustainable Future are:

  • Bruce Strouble, Executive Director
  • Johana-Marie Williams, Operations Director
  • Camille Lewis, Events Coordinator
  • Serenity Williams, Program Coordinator


The members of the current Board of Citizens for a Sustainable Future are:

  • Goliath Davis, IV
  • Mutor Flood
  • Ebony M. Johnson
  • Albert Lowe
  • Nzinga Metzger

The mission of Citizens for a Sustainable Future is to facilitate and promote sustainable living in African American communities by using research driven solutions that improve the ability of African Americans to pursue environmental justice for present and future generations.

Citizens for a Sustainable Future was founded in January 2012 by:

  • Goliath Davis, IV
  • Mutor Flood
  • Jolvan Morris
  • Nzinga Metzger
  • Bruce Strouble
  • Junius English
  • Dykibra Gaskin

The organization developed as a result of scholars and community activists who shared a collective vision to initiate a Black Sustainability Movement that will lead to a future where there exists a network of sustainable African American communities. These communities should be safe, healthy, socially and economically equitable while also maintaining a harmonious relationship with the environment.


We focus on developing partnerships that allow us to expand our capacity. This has allowed us to develop meaningful partnerships through working in coalitions such as the Tallahassee Community Healing Coalition, The Moving Forward Network, The Tallahassee African American Local Election Review Team, The Tally100, and the Big Bend Environmental Forum. Our overarching goal is to raise awareness within African American communities and then serve as a conduit for further civic action and education. One of CSF’s earliest events was the result of a partnership with Leon County WIC and the State of Florida’s Office of Minority Health and Health Equity to host Leon County’s First Breastfeeding in the Black Community forum.

Over the next several years in partnerships with The Association of Black Psychologist, the Tallahassee Food Network, The Providence Neighborhood Association, and other local organizations CSF was instrumental in the development and the eight-year running of Tallahassee Community Healing Days celebration. In 2015, CSF joined the Moving Forward Network, a national environmental justice coalition. This partnership allowed for CSF to plug FAMU Students and Leon County residents into national advocacy campaigns such as Zero Emissions Now, which pushed the Obama Administration’s EPA to strengthen its emission standards or the ACT for Community Health Campaign to petition U.S. Congress members to Protect the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We were also able to bring students and community members from North Florida and South Georgia to the 2017 Climate March.


Our current programs are:

  • Tallahassee Community Healing Days
  • Tallahassee Earth Day Festival
  • Brilliant Resilience Summer Camp