Our Work

  • increasing Black voter awareness and education through electoral debates, town halls, panel discussions, and 1-on-1 interviews, centered around the concerns of Tallahassee’s Black community
  • developing partnerships with historically and predominantly Black neighborhood associations and political organizations

TLH ALERT Black Local Policy Program

The Black community of Tallahassee has been an integral part of its success as a capitol city while reaping little of the benefits of that success and working twice as hard to reap that little bit.

The time has come again for Black residents of Tallahassee to come together to call for fair and equitable treatment, as well as redress for historical and continuing inequities. The time has also come for us to hold those city and county leaders who will not answer this call accountable.

As Tallahassee enters our bicentennial, the future of this city must contain life, liberty, and prosperity for our communities. The Black Local Policy Program is a collection of policy demands that address the underlying and structural barriers to equality. 

We are demanding our local elected officials to:

  1. End community displacement and gentrification
  2. Provide equitable housing access
  3. Invest in Black Health
  4. Invest in Black Education
  5. Foster Income Growth and Economic Sustainability
  6. Dismantle Criminal Justice Inequities
  7. Keep our Government in the Sunshine
  8. Lead in Environmental Sustainability and Justice
  9. Commit to Community-Led Decision Making
  10. Address gun violence in our community

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